Our company has been established in the year 1980 by an entrepreneurial couple Shri Bhaichand Chordiya (Chairman) & Sou Vimalbai Chordiya. Our business was started by the manufacturing of papad at home based production in the year 1980 with the help of 20-25 ladies. Shri Bhaichand Chordiya was going to different markets such as Goa, Mumbai, Nashik & other cities & villages in Maharashtra. As the people were liking the taste they were demanding more. As per the customers requirement we started expanding our product range. As per the fast growing market we had started our new product namely pickle in the year 1995 such as mango pickles, chilly pickle, mix pickle etc.

In the year 2005 we started a new range of tomato Ketchup, Chinese Sauce such as red Chilly, Green Chilly, Soya Sauce, Vinegars and other products like Jam, Jelly, Squashes, Syrups. Today the 3rd generation is engaged to forward this business. We had made our name in the local markets as well as Indian market. Today our products have touch millions of people.

All the production is controlled and managed by Mr. Manoj Chordiya (MD) of the company and the marketing is handled by Mr. Santosh Chordiya (Marketing Head) & Mr. Ajinkya Chordiya (Distribution Manager).



We have a good management & staff well equipped with profession to cater and serve the market need. All the staff people & workers are trained very well and they are experts in their work. Our company always tries to give something new to our customers.


The main part in food industry is selection of right raw materials & its use in exact proportion to maintain its quality and taste keeping the same in mind we have experienced & trained persons department as well as production department.

Quality Policy


The raw material which we use in our product are tested & verified by our quality control department, since we had always tried to maintain the product quality level to the greatest extent. Our main motto is to provide best of the service to our customers.


Today our raw materials such as cinnamon comes from Chennai, black pepper from Kerala, tomatoes from Nashik, raw mangoes from Karnataka & other parts & other raw material comes from the places from where it had been produced.
We had always kept a strict control & maintain our quality. Every week we make a survey with our customers to know more from them how better we can serve them.

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